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sHE JUST LOVES THE CRUMCH by garbagefactory sHE JUST LOVES THE CRUMCH :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 15 21 Frens by garbagefactory Frens :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 19 2 PKMN-TWD Application: Sheep boyo by garbagefactory PKMN-TWD Application: Sheep boyo :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 3 2 Contest entry: Hunting by garbagefactory Contest entry: Hunting :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 4 0 Contest entry: Aurora by garbagefactory Contest entry: Aurora :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 3 0 Contest entry: Dino exploration by garbagefactory Contest entry: Dino exploration :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 3 0 Lepidolite Contest Entry by garbagefactory Lepidolite Contest Entry :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 6 6 West Ref by garbagefactory West Ref :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 12 0 What he doin'? by garbagefactory What he doin'? :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 11 2 Overheating by garbagefactory Overheating :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 13 4 The dinosaur evolves by garbagefactory The dinosaur evolves :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 15 6 Handle with care by garbagefactory Handle with care :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 5 1 Slightly bigger and angrier by garbagefactory Slightly bigger and angrier :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 8 7 The Littlest Warren by garbagefactory The Littlest Warren :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 5 3 Sun Smudged Peach Moon by garbagefactory Sun Smudged Peach Moon :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 17 0 WP47: Crumchy by garbagefactory WP47: Crumchy :icongarbagefactory:garbagefactory 8 3


Friends come and go, but candy is always sweet by PopAnimals Friends come and go, but candy is always sweet :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 156 30
ARPG Contest Standings
I got a few new entries so heres the current results. This contest will be open until the end of this month, unless enough folks ask me to extend it.
not sure what im talking about? check out my huge contest here
First Place: garbagefactory - 31 points
Second Place: Demonic-Designs - 20 points
Third Place: Maoo-nii - 19 points
Runners Up:
DashaHam xenomania Anarchisme 
Current Winnings!
-$20 for first place, $10 for second place, $5 for 3rd place
-15cp for first place, 10 cp for second, 5 cp for third
-Full tribute set for first place, one tribute piece for second place, one hunting/scavenging/fishing entry for third place from StarryEyes880
:iconetherealdeer:EtherealDeer 1 5
Orange Smile by CherryTrabbit Orange Smile :iconcherrytrabbit:CherryTrabbit 41 12
500 Point Giveaway!
La jumping in Points
Hello friends!
Old friends - join, because I want an excuse to give you points. ;)
New friends - I'm Emmie! I weave poetry and photography into the world. Hello!
I've been wanting to do another giveaway for awhile - it's a fun way to give back and also meet new people. What better time to do so than in response to an anonymous deviant gifting me one month of Core? Thank you my dear sweet friend! I am so blessed.
:glomp: remake
My rules are always simple:
+fav Fave this journal
The end! Your numbers are logged on the right in order and will be randomly drawn from when selecting winners.
Added to my devWatch! Watching is optional, but if you do enjoy my art I'd be honored!
1st Trophy Receives 300 points!
2nd Trophy Receives 150 points!
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 105 83
contest::: draw me a fusion!
22/09 EDIT: this contest will be regular now, I might add more prizes later and will extend the deadline if asked!! (also I'm thinking about making a real mini contest xD)
so, I have this two babes (actually one is mine and the other is my friend's)
Black Opal and Pyrope Garnet
all you have to do is fuse them
I already got an idea of their fusion design but I don't have a gem for it yet!
- fave this journal
- comment your entry
- mention this journal in the description of your entry
- tag me in the description of your entry

DEADLINE: November 1st
* Prizes * 
 Star! 1st place: 1000 points + flat-colored waist-up
:iconmachiavellical:machiavellical 26 9
oh fucc there's more by PopAnimals oh fucc there's more :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 177 10 Let me out by PopAnimals Let me out :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 351 31 .:  Das' how you know you fucked up  :. by SirMedie .: Das' how you know you fucked up :. :iconsirmedie:SirMedie 8 0 Noc Time [DTA] by swagyatta Noc Time [DTA] :iconswagyatta:swagyatta 37 5 {PO} So cosmic by Susouris {PO} So cosmic :iconsusouris:Susouris 717 25 {SU} Lion rose by Susouris {SU} Lion rose :iconsusouris:Susouris 339 28 oh my by SirMedie oh my :iconsirmedie:SirMedie 10 0 output yOcpEv by SirMedie output yOcpEv :iconsirmedie:SirMedie 19 6 250! by SirMedie 250! :iconsirmedie:SirMedie 8 1 Growing Pains  (new upgrades!) by SirMedie Growing Pains (new upgrades!) :iconsirmedie:SirMedie 15 3 Bug Camp Wk 4 - Zings by Ascynd Bug Camp Wk 4 - Zings :iconascynd:Ascynd 54 10
Hello! Lately I've been needing some points, so I've decided to open some commissions! I'll draw mostly anything as long as it's not sexual or too mature, and while I don't post them much, I can and will draw humans as well as other creatures!


(note, this is slightly old art of humans, my anatomy is much better at this point, lmao)

FULL DRAWING: 500 points…
Contest entry: Hunting by garbagefactory


Keep in mind I also have open adoptions on my page, so if none of this interests you, please at least check those out instead: thank you! <3

Also, please note me for buying!


garbagefactory's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm just here to doodle.


West shows Alina the flier for the house he wants to buy! He's messing around with the candle to see if he can get it in better lighting--probably not a good idea.

-Color mixer
Proof of age:…
5 fullbody colored drawings:… ,… ,… ,… ,…

-Slit pupils
Proof of age:…
Doing something in the dark:…

Alina belongs to :iconsirmedie:
West belongs to me!

Increase body temperature: 2/2  Wyngro Fire Pixel Element 
Melt materials: 0/2 Wyngro Fire Pixel Element  
Manipulate fire: 1/2  Wyngro Fire Pixel Element 
Conjure fire: 0/2 Wyngro Fire Pixel Element 

PKMN-TWD Application: Sheep boyo
Name: Calidus Oviun
Alias/Nickname[s]: Callie, Cal, Mr. Oviun

Gender: Male
Age: 31
D.O.B.: March 1st
Height: 5'11
Affiliation: Riptide
Job: Horticulturalist
Weapon: Rusty old pitchfork

Species: Mareep
Ability: Static
Nature: Impish
Summary Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning
Moveset: Façade, Confuse ray, Protect, and Thundershock

HP: 1
Attack: 2
Defense: 0
Speed: 2
Sp. Def: 0
Sp. Atk: 3

- Green thumbed
- Book smart
- Hardworking
- Clever
- Deceiving
- Sneaky
- Jaded
- Disloyal

Born and raised on his family's farm as an only child, Callie spent most of his life learning how to nurture crops and livestock as well as how to patch injuries that would occur in the typical barnyard. His parents were aged when they had him, making sure to pour whatever resources they could into giving him a successful life. He did particularly well in school and eventually attended a semester in college for agricultural purposes, but ended up returning back to the family farm to continue on the family tradition. His mother passed away when he was 28 due to heart conditions at the age of 70, and the apocalypse had just begun when his aging father unknowingly left for a small vacation further south never to return--though his fate can easily be guessed. Callie himself abandoned the farm with everything he could carry once the first swarms attacked, leaving behind the budding crops and snoring animals to save himself. Callie doesn't look back on this decision with much regret however, and simply puts it off of his mind for the time being. It was difficult for him to adjust to his new life, but it became much easier once he'd learned how to properly ambush other, weaker survivors. It was doing this that he eventually joined the Riptide gang, quickly settling back into the life of tending to vegetation and supplying others with nutrition.

About: Callie's a little shit, he'll do anything and everything to keep himself safe while feigning innocence. He's just here to do his job and grow his plants. Open to character development though!

Likes: Gardening, working, Smalltalk, MooMoo milk, and static
Dislikes: Most other people, hunting, being verbally confronted, crowds, bugs
Talents: Ambushing, gardening
Flaws: Fares poorly in drawn out fights (he just wants to hit hard and run), has trouble forming emotional bonds

- Callie has very poor memory, and has a very hard time remembering faces
- He's very secretive, and if he doesn't want to share something his most common excuse is that he can't recall it.
- Based off of "a wolf in sheep's clothing".


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MondaysDemon Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shiz I really like your art!! 
garbagefactory Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
MondaysDemon Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, keep up the great work!! :aww:
magneticstarks Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Are your art trades and/or commissions open?
garbagefactory Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Sorry, but no, I'm not really active on my dA, and I'm currently in art school so I'm a bit busy currently.
magneticstarks Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, well thank you for a quick response. 
KreatiivFox Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your DeviantID is literally the best thing ever.
garbagefactory Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Haha, thank you. :)
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Oh, and thank you so much for the watch!
garbagefactory Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
No problem!
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